Wednesday, June 28, 2017

June 2017 - Week #21 Technique Companion

Theme & Techniques: Basic Open Guard Position, Sweeps, and Submissions (Collar Sleeve Guard)
Basic Open Guard Maintaining Position
Basic Open Guard Maintaining Position

Basic Open Guard Maintaining Position
This is an intro to open guard.  One of the big lessons emphasized this week is using push/pull to control your opponent and maintain your position.  I'm pulling in on his sleeve and collar and pushing on his hip and bicep.  When my opponent moves I reset my position by lifting my hips using my grips and foot position to center back up.  I start to get into trouble if the top person eliminates my controls by pinning a leg or removing a grip.

Here are a few other pointers:
  • Remain on your side to keep your foot on their bicep mobile and active.  
  • Gripping the leg of the foot on your hip and smashing it to the mat is probably the best way for the top person to initiate a pass.  Strip this grip as quickly and often as you need to.
  • Play around with the push/pull.  Always be trying to affect their balance
  • Keep your hips centered on them
  • Relax, you don't need to have death grips and try to keep your opponent in place.  Once you understand the push/pull this becomes easier.
Example Videos:

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