Friday, March 30, 2012

March 29th - Gi (Signs of Progress)

Great class yesterday taught by Conan.  We went on more of the Kimura but from side control this time instead of guard.  I had done most of this before but one thing that sticks out in my head was when I worked with will on stepping over someone's head.  Although I was giving him some resistance he did an excellent job of getting my arm out of the way to step over.  I'm not quite sure of everything that he was doing but it really surprised me.  I think I was under the impression that this technique was primarily a strength technique.  But, the way Will did it was very smooth.  And I started to get an idea of what he was doing but I'll have to practice it more.

During open mat I rolled with Jerad first.  This is probably the first time the over-under pass worked for me while rolling except I didn't complete it properly.  I went around the leg on the shoulder instead of over the other leg.  So I had side control for a while but wasn't able to make anything happen beyond that.  He soon regained guard and swept me.  He went to knee on belly and I screwed up again.  I knew what he was going for but I wasn't able to stop it.  Bow and arrow again.

I rolled with David next but we didn't get to finish.  I tried a armdrag type movement that Josh showed me and got half way there.  I was kind of on his side but couldn't find the leverage to take his back completely.  I moved to guard and took a overhook and grabbed his lapel.  I tried some things like setting up his other arm for a triangle and then started to move to an omma-plata.  He wasn't having any of it but he did mention that the overhook was annoying.  I was in half guard for a little bit but then regained full guard.  I tried to do some collar chokes and he tried to ram his head into me.  Conan started counting down to when we would have to bow out and we scrambled to try to make something happen but we were stalemated. Maybe since he's not my main nemesis anymore he didn't try as hard as usual.

Before leaving the dojo Jerad made a comment that even though Bauer is much stronger and is a little heavier than me I feel heavier and stronger when we roll.  I'll take that as a sign of progress, still I wouldn't mind being built like Bauer!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 28th - Morning Open

In attendance along with myself this morning was Ken, Robert, and James.  We set the timer on the app on my phone for 5 minutes and we just rolled and switched partners as the timer went off. 

I think I only got tapped out twice, although I could be forgetting through selective memory.  The first was by James who took my back and got me in an rnc.  He showed me some pointers about what he likes to do in back mount like using his heals on the hip bones and squeezing with his thighs.  I will drill it next time I get a chance.

Robert and I had quite a few battles and I got excited that I was going to finally tap him out.  I had him in a north-south choke twice and he eventually got out of it both times.  He said he was close which is just a kick in the pants.  I should have done the figure 4 and held his shoulder like Conan showed us.  We haven't done no-gi in a while and we were both slipping on the new mats quite a bit.  It really helped with escaping side control.  My sit-outs seem to have improved at least I'm quicker to try it rather than wait and then telegraph it.  He got me at one point with an americana.  Which I kind of walked right into as I was in half guard trying to roll him over.

Ken and I had our average war.  I try and try to pass him and he eventually frustrates me and I get rolled over.  We have a couple of scrambles I end up in half guard, etc.

I ended up in the Over-Under Pass position several times.  I'm feeling a lot more comfortable and stronger there than previously now that I'm not as concerned with the triangle as long as I control their leg.  I just need to figure out how to complete the pass.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 26th - Gi

It started out as a pretty small class yesterday with Greg teaching.  However, some stragglers came in as time went by.  I was partnered with Adam as we worked on one technique throughout the entire class.  It was the sweep from reverse dlr in combat base where you push their arm between their legs get under them and then kick them over to side control...sorta thing.  I feel a lot more comfortable with this technique but still have a little way to go before I can use it.

We then partnered up and went 2 minute rounds with sweep or guard pass training starting from open guard with hands on sleeves.  It was good training and we all partnered with everyone top and bottom.  At this time there were 8 of us so I went up against 7 people for 4 minutes each for a whopping total of 28 minutes with limited rest in between.

I made lots of attempts at the over-under pass.  I'm seeing more and more times to try it.  I'm still having a problem getting the leg over their leg though. I also attempted lasso spider guard quite a bit which went okay sometimes and sometimes not.

I spoke with Josh a bit after class, he was talking about going to Mid-America for Jiu-Jitsu instead of Roseberry's.  Some of what he described about the class intrigued me.  I've had thoughts about checking it out, but I haven't seriously considered leaving Roseberry's to go elsewhere but there would be some positives in changing.  There are some really great people that I train with now, just the schedule and location are probably the biggest downsides.

I believe Jerad was the only one I rolled with yesterday.  Even though I lost it went well.  We were in a scramble at one point and I grabbed the cross sleeve grip and underhooked his leg, then pushed up into the omma-platta, I didn't get the submission but the sweep and ended up in mount.  I spent some time in mount but couldn't successfully make anything happen.  I was going for the Ezekiel or the guillotine from mount.  I wanted to move up high on him but I didn't feel confident in keeping the position.  He eventually rolled me over I attempted a triangle but failed.  He had me in side control and then knee on belly.  I made the mistake of turning the wrong way and then realized he was positioning my collar to do a bow and arrow choke.  We went over some ways to move up in mount which was helpful. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

March 25th - No Gi (Purple Wink)

Conan taught a pretty good class yesterday with the focus on kimura and omma-plata.  We did some drills to set these techniques up and then went over some common defenses and counters. 

Fuji and I weren't working well together yesterday.  When I was trying to step around him I "accidentally" kneed him in the side of the head.  Then he kept getting mad at me for not putting my leg on his shoulder and then not tapping when he was doing one of the variations incorrectly.  We each might have put a little bit too much pressure during that same pass on the stomach.  Just kidding Fuji, I luv ya.

For open mat Adam and I went 3 or 4 times he tapping me out each time.  However, I was doing some good things. There was a lot of fighting for underhooks and hanging out in half guard.  I tried the over-under pass a few times and was partially successful except I couldn't control his leg as well without the pants to hold onto.  There was one point where I thought I had him in a north-south choke but he powered out of it.  At least I know I had him a little worried.  He got me with an armbar and americana. 

I rolled with Ken to finish the day off.  I was so close to getting him in an armbar from guard but it wasn't meant to be.  We had quite a few scrambles which were enhanced by the new mats being so slippery.  Neither of us tapped the other out in the end and we decided to quit.  Ken informed me that I had a little bit of a shiner which looks worse than it feels.  I've been asked if my wife beats me to which I answer, "No, I fell down the stairs."

Friday, March 23, 2012

March 22nd - Gi (Good Workout)

We had a really good workout yesterday with Ray at the Helm.  It was a good balance of cardio, throws, some ground work, and then open mat time at the end.  Due to the Judo class time change I haven't felt like Thursday classes have provided as much of a workout lately because open mat time has seemed to suffer a bit.  I think working harder like we did yesterday will make up for this. 

We did some rolls then falling.  We got with a partner and did 50 fit in combo throws and then some partner drills like leap frog and monkey rolls.  Monkey rolls are a 3 person drill kind of like break dancing where you jump over a person rolling toward you and then you roll toward the next person.  Our group was probably the most dangerous consisting of the big guys me, Jerad and Fuji.  Then we did some fitting in and worked on the shoulder throw.  I was partnered up with Gina and one of the newer guys for that.  Too bad Gina's wrist is still bothering her.  We went up and down the mat with the shoulder throw.  We worked on a couple of arm bar setups from guard.  The basic setup underhooking the leg and pushing off the hip and then where we climb up their back.  I still need to work on the climb up the back one.  My partners were both pretty new guys so I didn't get any true resistance and was helping them more with the technique.

Finally we setup two rings and did tournament type rolling.  I went with Fuji first and he beat the crap out of me.  We each tried to throw each other without any success and then I shot in for a double leg.  I got all excited because I got him down but then I was flipping over him and we both ended up standing again.  Eventually I was kind of lead into pulling guard.  From there on out it sucked as he smashed me and put me into horrible positions.  I'm sure he racked up quite a few points.  At least I survived until the end.

Second I went with Ray.  I'm always apprehensive when I go against Ray in standup.  With his Judo background he has a way of pulling a throw seemingly out of nowhere.  However, as he was pushing me sideways I went for broke and sat into the Valley Drop throw (Tani Otoshi).  It worked beautifully and I ended up in back mount.  However, it was short lived and Ray was soon on top punishing me and put me into an armlock.

I went up against a new guy Devon.  After a little bit of patty cake I shot in for a double leg and from there I didn't let him get off his back.  I did help him get out of my knee on belly but then went right into north-south choke which he wasn't expecting.  He and I worked a little bit on a couple of things after that.  The disparity in knowledge and skill is amazing in this art.  Sometimes I feel like I can't do anything correct but put me up against one of the new guys and I really can't do anything wrong. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 21st - Morning Open (Break David)

Got some drilling in the beginning on the over-under guard pass we worked on Monday.  Greg drilled his usual reverse dlr from combat base sweep. 

The remainder of the time was spent getting David ready for Naga this Saturday.  We started from standing and his objective was to pull guard and not get passed.  We started with no-gi 5 minute rounds and then went to 6 minute rounds.  David stayed in the middle the whole time and defended himself well from what I could see.

While I wasn't trying to crush David I was rolling with either Ken or Robert.  Ken might have gotten me with something but I can't recall for the most part it was pretty light rolling. 

Hope David does well and wish I could be there to support him and compete as well.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 19th - Gi (The Return)

I'm back from a great 7 day vacation cruise in the Caribbean with my wife.  It was a great get away and refreshing both mentally and physically.  I ate a lot of good food, did some snorkeling, walking, took some tours, and a lot of pictures.  All of my injuries are much better and I'm ready to get some serious training in.  I plan to start swimming again and possibly start lifting weights. 

Greg taught class yesterday and we focused on the over/under pass throughout the whole class.  It was warranted since the technique has a lot of little details to make it work.  After drilling the technique several times we did some live training and started from a half butterfly and work for the sweep.  That was very difficult, but good training.

Before leaving Greg told me and Fuji to work on this pass a lot because it's excellent for bigger guys.  So I have added this, my failed triangle recovery, and the other guard pass using the double lapel grip.

I rolled with Ken for open mat.  It turned out to be a lively match.  I felt pretty loose and relaxed which was good.  I don't think I ever got Ken in a bad spot, he's becoming exceedingly difficult for me to pass and we spent most of the time in kind of an open guard leg tangle.  I had his back at one time but I accidentally slumped off and ended up in guard.  From there I wasn't able to get off my back again.  There were some opportunities but I didn't take advantage of them like I should have.  In the end he got me with an armbar.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March 7th - Morning Open

The regular Wednesday morning crew of myself, Greg, Ken, Robert, and Erik showed up this morning.  Greg and I drilled a little first.  He worked on his sweep from reverse DLR from combat base.  I worked on recovering from a failed triangle, I've heard it called crazy legs but Greg showed me a little differently than what I've seen.  Basically as they go to pass I kind of shrimp away and bring my knee and shin across their belly and then the other leg goes to the other side around their head to hold them down.  Finally work your way to guard or another triangle attempt.  I don't feel completely comfortable with it yet so I'll have to drill it some more.

We opened it up for 4 minute rounds and rolled.  I rolled with everyone a couple of times.  I'm at a low point again in my Jiu-Jitsu moral, mostly due to my ribs and back slowing me down.  Probably the best thing I did was that I had Erik's back for a while and I had the rear naked choke hooked up.  Although I couldn't get my hand behind his head.  I was so close but couldn't make him tap once again.  Looking back on it I should have switched to the Ezekiel choke, I think I could have finished that since I was wearing a gi and he wasn't.

Erik ended up getting me once in an Americana while in half guard.  Greg got me with a bow and arrow choke, I was so focused on his other hand that I didn't think that he'd just grab my collar but he did.   I felt like I kind of laid in the bottom half guard for most of the rest of the matches. 

Greg showed Robert and I a cool reversal from half guard when someone is going for a darce.  I'm going to have to drill this too.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 5th - Gi

Jerad taught class yesterday which which focused on triangle and armbar from closed guard starting with an overhook.  I've had limited success with this in the past but I always run into the problem of keeping the other person's posture down once I get into the triangle position.

We did the king of the mat with 4 groups trying to pass or submit.  I did some good things and passed a few people.  I wasn't as good at preventing getting passed though.

I rolled with Erik for open mat.  It turned out to be a tough match.  I don't think I was ever in danger of getting submitted but he was crushing me every time I was on bottom.  I took his back a couple of times but just couldn't get into a good position.  I thought I had a pretty good RNC on him but not good enough to make him tap.  Eventually he shrugged me off his back.  We went back and forth several times and we mutually decided to quit, while I was the one that suggested it so I'd have to say that I lost by verbal tap.

I might need a little break and some rest to get back to 100%.  Right now I'm feeling a little beat down and sore.

Monday, March 5, 2012

March 4th - No Gi (Injury Scare)

Huge class yesterday for a Sunday.  Seems like the new guys keep coming back.  We ended up covering a lot of ground so I'm not sure I can nail down a "theme" to the class like a usually do.  The class did have a progression to it where one technique led to the next so it wasn't incoherent.  We started off working on our shooting and while I'm still not a master at this I took it as a sign of improvement that most of the new guys were having trouble dropping to their front knees for the shot while it's become a lot easier for me (completing the takedown is another thing entirely).

After working some double and single legs we went to sprawling and how to do it and then some things to do if someone sprawls on you.  From there we moved to turtle position and spent some time rolling the other person over or trying to get our hooks in or half way going into the twister.  I had a lot of good interactions with my partners.  Maybe they were a little more excited to work with me because of the way we have the junior people rotate amongst the seniors so I was with a senior person each time.

Finally we worked on some controlling and escaping from back mount.  I took a little punishment here from Sara who smashed my nose pretty good while executing the face crank, then by Adam when he was transitioning to mount his knee was against my rib and I was pushing against him.  I heard celery crunching and yelled tap immediately.  It didn't turn out being as bad as I thought but I'm still a little sore today.  I'm assuming it's just some cartilage that popped.

I didn't go too hard the rest of the class while it didn't technically hurt I could still feel something there and I didn't want to actually injure it.  Well foolishly I rolled with Ken anyway.  I think I did pretty well with him considering but I never know when he's playing possum or when I'm actually doing well.  I was able to pass his guard and stay on top for a while, had the gift wrap for a little bit and locked up a kimura at one time but couldn't make anything come of it.  He was able to isolate my arm and get me in an armbar.

Friday, March 2, 2012

March 1st - Gi

Ray taught class yesterday and the theme was some judo throws for when your opponent is keeping you out at arms length.  We did 50 fit ins in a row first as kind of a warmup and then we worked with our partner with our favorite throw for real 20 times.  Ray had us all work on a shoulder throw where we dropped to our knees between the opponent's legs.  Then osotto gari and finally a throw where you grab both of their knees and they kind of sit on your knee as you take them backwards.  We did that last one on the crash pads.  My back was on and off bugging me during this, it was always in my mind so I know I was a little slower and a little more cautious while throwing and being thrown.

We did a group kind of open mat where the higher level belts took a corner and we started in guard and fought for 4 minutes or so.  I didn't do so well against Fuji, once I screwed up and let him get on top of me he became the unmovable object.  While he didn't submit me in the time limit I definitely wasn't scoring any points.

I rolled with Mike next and there was some good and bad.  He put me in a triangle but with some work I was able to get out of by keeping a lot of space, if we had been the same size I'm sure he could have gotten me.  I don't believe anyone tapped in that match either.

Ray was my final match and I think he was being easy on me because I got some things that I don't normally get on him.  Although he did tap me out first.  I had him in X-guard and did the basic sweep but was unable to get my leg free in time to come up with it.  At the end I did kind of a de la rivas back take but was unable to control him and we just ended up in guard but it was looking really good until then.

Now with kids Judo directly after our class at 5:30 I leave Jiu-Jitsu kind of unfulfilled because I don't feel like I get enough open mat time in.  I might have to start trying to make it to Fridays more once my back is 100%.