Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May 30th 2017 - Week #17 Technique Companion

Theme & Techniques: Standing Guillotine Against Wall Defense, Kneeling Guard Break, Double Under Pass

Standing Guillotine Against Wall Defense
Video: Standing Guillotine Choke Defense With 2 Takedowns

Couldn't find a good video of how we teach this.  A couple of points that make this technique easier.
  •   Good posture: Keep your head up at all times. Bring your hips under your shoulders and then scrape them up along the wall.  If you don't have good posture all the pressure will be put on your neck
  • Maintain posture: Once you are standing straight up and start to reach over their back, you cannot let your posture falter and let them take back control. Keep standing straight as you put them in the neck crank.

Kneeling Guard Break
Video: Beginner BJJ Fundamentals - Opening Closed Guard from Knees Concepts - Jason Scully

The kneeling break is not as preferable to the standing. It can be difficult to keep the hips in place on a decent guard player.  The basic premise is that we want to make so much space by turning our body that the ankles can't hold the guard.  Keep the hips down, the knee on one sit bone and the other leg will make a right angle.  Lower yourself and twist to create the space.

Double Under Pass
Video: Double Under Guard Pass

There seem to be some arguments about the best way to do this technique.  We have been pulling the opponent onto our thighs before stacking.  The other method is to move forward standing into the stack.  Personally I've had more success with the former, but that is only because I've used it more.  Alternatively I feel good about my defense for this technique with either widening my legs or transitioning to the elbow escape during the pass.

Bonus Video: Ryan Hall Passing the Guard - Fundamentals, Grip Fighting, Passing Sequences & Specialty Situations
Ryan Hall demonstrates the double unders a little differently.  Instead of grabbing on the sides he grabs under the belt in the middle of the back.  He'll also do a sitout to pass. 

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